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Sergey Bagapsh: “Understanding is what we are expecting from the Islamic World”

16.12.2008 11:05

“Understanding is what we are anticipating from the Islamic World”, stated the President og Abkhazia Sergey Bagapsh, just after being awarded “Al-Fakhr” medal by the Mufties Council of Russia.

“We do not ask anybody to recognize us just because we are so good. We will do our best to prove that Abkhazia deserves being free, bringing to life our outlook, developing our economy, as well as demonstrating our positive attitude toward Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We will surely prove that Abkhazia is a genuine civilized state, governed on the basis of supremacy of law”, emphasized S. Bagapsh.

“Russia is regarded as the main strategic partner of Abkhazia”, confirmed Mr. Bagapsh, stressing that people have already made their choice, and their vision for the future is pretty lucid. So Russia is the primary state, which Abkhazia tends to build up close relations with.

“Nonetheless, we remain absolutely open to dialog with everybody who wants it. Abkhazia has never been afraid of Georgia’s aggression, nor does it today due to well-trained national forces and deployment of the Russian military contingent on the territory of Abkhazia, according to the bilateral treaty”, added S. Bagapsh.

“The most inspiring thing is that the truth is on our side. We have never unleashed a war, nor did it last time. On the contrary. We have always been a target. Abkhazia has been forced to defend its independence and territorial integrity three times during the last 20 years, resulting from Georgia’s aggression. However, we do not want a thing from this country. So we just say “leave us alone and let us live peacefully our life”. It is a common knowledge, God is always on the side of the righteous one”, pointed out Mr. Bagapsh.

To add, the Abkhazian President was awarded “Al-Fakhr” medal due to his “faithful service to the people of Abkhazia and strengthening relations among brethren nations of the Russian Federation”. S. Bagapsh commented on this event, pointing out that he has got a lot of things to do for his country, despite everything, that has been don lately.

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