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23.03 14:56 Message on Pakistan Day 23rd March

Message on Pakistan Day 23rd March

Today, we are celebrating seventieth anniversary of the adoption of the historical Pakistan Resolution.  The Day reminds us of the valiant struggle, immense sacrifices and firm resolve of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the Muslims of the subcontinent in search of a separate homeland to live in peace and fashion their lives according to their own belief and culture.  


16.12 12:09

Islam and Europe

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Council of Ulems: Theological and Legislative centre of Russian Muslims...


Russian Waqf: Traditions and Perspectives...


15th anniversary of the reconstructed Nizhny Novgorod Cathedral Mosque...


Head of Religious Board of Muslim for the Nizhny Novgorod Region refuted rumors about quitting Council of Mufties of Russia...



07.05 14:06

“Xenophobic crimes threaten national security” - Yury Chaika, the Prosecutor General

Yury Chaika, Russian Prosecutor General, considers the xenophobic crimes and other extremist manifestations to be a threat to the national security and social stability.  ...

Special Report

16.12 11:42

Islamophobia in Europe: Reasons, Parameters, and Methods of Overcoming

The first reference to the term “islamophobia” appeared in an essay by an orientalist Etienne Dinet “The Orient in the eyes of the Occident” (1922) for defining negative attitude to Islam, that was traced back in many clashes b...


18.10 12:39

Kashmiris say "nothing short of self-determination". Zafar Alam Sarwar

Things in occupied Kashmir have heated up so much so that the valley, despite imposition of curfew, arrest of youths and state torture to them, seems turning into an inferno for India itself. Puppet chief minister Faruq Abdullah sought cut in powers abus...



16.12 12:44

Secular Europe and European Muslims



14.01 12:05

History of Islam in russia

The Russian Federation covers a great territory stretching from Eastern Europe to Northern Asia. The history of its development from an unstable conglomeration of small Slavic principalities into great Eurasian power is closely connected to one of the la...

Muslim Theology

14.01 11:40

The Hanafi Maddhab: History and Problems of Development

Since the beginning of the Islamic call Muslims have always paid great attention to social discussions over behavior in unknown and complicated cases (civil, criminal, financial, political etc.) in accordance with the principles of Islam....


14.01 15:46

Regional National and Cultural Autonomy of Tatars celebrates its 2nd anniversary

Regional National and Cultural Autonomy of Tatars of the Nizhny Novgorod Region (RNKATNO) was founded 2 years ago. The Chairman of RNKATNO Gayaz-hazrat Zakirov speaks about the results of the work of the organization for the period being....


Russian muslims

14.01 12:18

Religious Board of Muslims for the Nizhny Novgorod Region

For several centuries Islam has been one of the most widespread religions in the Nizhny Novgorod region. First Muslims came here back in the 10th century having inherited Islam from the state of Volga Bulgaria. In the 15–16th centuries Muslim Tatar...