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OIC Delegation will visit the Chechen Republic

28.04.2009 18:24

Ziyad Sabsabi, Senator of the Council of Federation of the Russian Federation, announced that OIC delegation will visit the Chechen Republic in the second half of May. «It will be an expert commission that will arrive to Grozny in order to consult the Republican government about the most important economic objects that must be built or restored. I think this kind of assistance will be extremely helpful to the Chechen Republic as it comes from particular states, not just from humanitarian non-governmental organizations”, Senator said.  


Russian Senator also gave a positive appraisal to the recent visit of the Chechen parliamentary delegation to Syria. “It’s the first time we have come to our Diaspora, since a big group of Chechen muhajirs moved to Syria in 1852. Fortunately, we found out that there exist villages in Syria fully populated by Chechens. Secondly, we established direct parliamentary relations with the parliament of Syrian Arab Republic, met Dr. Said, Syrian Awqaf minister, and Ahmed Hassoun, the Grand Mufti of Syria. We came to a conclusion that a certain number of  Syrian scholars specialized in Shariah and Arabic will be transferred  to the Islamic University of Grozny as it opens next year”, said Ziyad Sabsabi.


He also hopefully asserted that the recent assassination of Sulim Yamadaev will not seriously damage or botch  relations between Russia and the Arab and Islamic world. “This is a criminal case. One’s attitude to Yamadaev’s personality may vary, however it still remains notorious. Now Yamadaev is dead, and we don’t  speak ill of the deceased. But the fact is that he was wanted nationwide. Moreover, Yamadaev had been charged with several offenses. So I hope that the investigation will reveal the true assassins. And I think that there won’t be any obstacles stampeding our cooperation with the Arab and Islamic countries.”





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