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Damir Mukhetdinov: Fascism rehabilitation is to be blocked

27.04.2009 14:18

According to the number of articles in the mass media, 13 people, participating in unauthorized actions on account of 'Day of Latvian Waffen SS legionaries', were arrested in Riga on Monday, March 16. We would remind you that in Russia the public has been discussing for several weeks the initiative of Russian Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu, who has suggested the adjudication of the criminal liability if USSR’s victory in the World War II is denied. Thereby Damir-hazrat Mukhetdinov, the chairman of the Council of Ulemas Muslim Spiritual Administration of the Nizhniy Novgorod region , addresses Russian and European public:  


The rehabilitation of the fascism is to be blocked!


‘Man – remain vigilant’!


By these words of Julius Fu?ík I would like to begin my appeal to all those who hunts the authorities and to those who was elected by the people of our countries


For example, it would seemed that today an ordinary accident has taken place, another scuffle between the police and citizens at the center of Latvian capital. According to the mass media, more than 100 people, took part in the manifestation of Waffen SS legionaries and their supporters in the center of the city, in spite of the ban of the Riga’s Duma. Dozens of anti-fascists tried to block their way. The police managed to prevent serious collisions between the anti-fascists and the legionaries’ supporters, nevertheless one of the anti-fascists, the deputy of Riga’s Duma, Victor Dergunov, sustained the head injury; five people were arrested by the Freedom memorial, when they tried to stop the SS procession; eight people in the uniform were detained at the corner of the streets Valdemara and Blaumana. Though early they reported about the detention of three anti-fascists.


However, if we take a good look, it’s just a small hill of the sunk for awhile continent, that like Atlantis has gone under the water, but is ready to come to the surface at any time. The name of the unsinkable continent is the Fascism Empire.


Russian Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu, highly respected by the people of Russian Federation and especially by us, the members of a huge Turkic family, absolutely fairly said during the meeting with veterans in the panoramic museum 'The Battle for Stalingrad' in Volgograd: ‘I consider that our Parliament has to pass the law that could provide for the criminal liability for the denial of USSR’s victory in the WW II and in that case the presidents of certain countries denying the fact couldn’t enter our country with impunity. Then the mayors of certain cities would think over their decision, before demolish a memorial’.


Shoigu mentioned the Jews’ experience as a positive and currently working international system of protecting their own history, protecting the memory of the Holocaust tragedy not only in their country but all over the world. In fact the example really encourages and certifies its efficacy, so its high time for us to learn too how to act, how to react in order to protect our fathers fallen in the struggle against the fascism.