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14.01 12:05 History of Islam in russia

History of Islam in russia

The Russian Federation covers a great territory stretching from Eastern Europe to Northern Asia. The history of its development from an unstable conglomeration of small Slavic principalities into great Eurasian power is closely connected to one of the largest Medieval states — the Mongol Empire. The Golden Horde, a part of the great empire of Genghis Khan, had covered the same territory as the Soviet Union did several centuries later. With the subsequent disintegration of the Golden Horde in the 15th century Moscow principality developed into a powerful state integrating all 10 of the Tatar successor states of the great empire of the Golden Horde.


15.01 15:11

Council of Ulems: Theological and Legislative centre of Russian Muslims

15.01 13:47

Russian Waqf: Traditions and Perspectives


Muslim Theology

14.01 11:40

The Hanafi Maddhab: History and Problems of Development

Since the beginning of the Islamic call Muslims have always paid great attention to social discussions over behavior in unknown and complicated cases (civil, criminal, financial, political etc.) in accordance with the principles of Islam....


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